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Laser welder
Open Laser Marker
LASER-Marker with a "Fiber LASER-source" at 10 and 20 Watts.
The "Open" structure, designed to ensure operators an easy access to the marking area, thus allowing an easiest manipulation of pieces, makes this LASER-marker the perfect tool for those requiring a small machine with great versatility.
The technical features of this LASER-marker allow operators to work with large loads of pieces and improve significantly the speed of working procedures. The LASER-marker Open is ideal for marking texts, designs, graphic patterns and photo engravings as well, thanks to the transmission of the LASER-beam through the fiber, and to the accurate focusing on the targeted object. A Beam Mode with a M2 factor lower than 1.8 is provided, allowing LASER-markings to be performed with margins extremely accurate in definition , and LASER-cuttings very precise up to a thickness of 0.8mm.
This LASER-marker could also be fitted with a rotary axis device, to facilitate LASER-marking of curved surfaces, such as the inside or outside of rings or bracelets.
The LASER WRITER OPEN meets the highest standards of quality imposed by the most renowned producers of high-end jewelry. It is perfect for marking all types of precious and semi-precious metals, steel, titanium as well as many other materials, metallic and non.
Eye protection from LASER-rays is necessary to guarantee total safety of operators during LASER-marking or slight cutting processes, who must always wear protection eye-glasses at work with OPENs. Additionally, a standard provided metal-made protection screen or shielding cover keeps the LASER-beam inside the LASER-marking area, preventing its diffusion around and so preserving operator’s health as well.
Laser welder XXS
The most compact class of welding machines: compact, reliable, and high-performing, a fresh and more appealing design, a better user-machine interface, new functions, and, finally, the power ranging from 30 to 125 Joules, capable to satisfy all categories of customers, from dental labs to jewellery shops, to eye-glass frames repairers, to ... other sector and more applications. In addition to guaranteeing best performance, high productivity and compact size, constant research for new solutions has led to the introduction of additional functions such as:
• A new operator-machine interface, which by means of a 5.7" color touch-screen display, allows fast access to working parameters and easy management of options.
• A USB PenDrive, in addition to be the "Black Box" of the LASER-welder, makes it possible to save parameters used at working as well as to make software upgrades when so needed.
• 32 memory cells to save work settings.
• 5 pre-set waveforms (pulse-shaping) to obtain higher quality welding on all types of metals/alloys.
• A LED-type lighting system coaxial to the LASER-aperture inside the welding chamber.
• The flow of Argon gas directly onto the welding area and co-axially to the LASER-aperture with the possibility to set different post-gas and pre-gas timings.
• Powerful and silent hydraulic cooling circuit designed to support more intensive working cycles.
• The possibility to choose a model with either 30, 60, 100 or 125 Joules of power.
Orion welder
Orion 100 C
Orion 100 C is the compact entry-level Orion welder, and was designed and developed to meet the needs of the market – smaller footprint to save space, easy to use touch screen interface for quick access of adjustments and welding parameters, high frequency agitation options for difficult to weld metals.
The Orion 100 C offers two different weld modes: Pulse Arc Mode and Micro Mode. Orion 100 C offers up to 100 Joules of pulse arc weld energy, The energy can be adjusted down to as little as 3 Joules and can be adjusted upwards by 0,5 joules increments
Orion 150 S
Orion 150s has also particularly featured with a 7” large touch screen interface. It makes the product more efficient and abridged the welding process. It permits the users to do more and work more competently. This unique device has many characteristics which is available to the users. Along with high-frequency agitation for additional penetration and weld strength, it has an adaptive weld ignition for longer electrode life. The device provides customizable save settings. This helps to fasten and ease switching between weld settings. The device provides comprehensive updateable and upgradeable software options and many more options. The Orion 150s maintains the Orion inheritance by providing the most high-technology, flexible and reasonable welding solution on the market today. Just as the other Orion welders, the Orion 150s uses two various welding technologies - Pulse Arc and Tack. The Tack Mode uses conflict welding technology with up to 150 watt-seconds of energy. The Tack Mode is ideal for provisional.
The Orion 150s offers up to 150 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. Power can be adjusted down to as little as 2 joules, and can be adjusted by 0.2 joule increments.
We supply Orion 150S with Arm Upgrade- replaces the microscope base stand to give improved user experience and additional space-savings.
- Welder Type: Pulse-Arc and Resistance
- Weld Modes: 3
- Preprogrammed metal settings: 15
- Customizable Save Settings: 50 (25 Arc & 25 Tack)
- Language 20
- Display 7” Touch Screen
- Energy (ws) 1-150 ws
- Switching Power Supply 110/240Vac (auto detected)
- Weld Spot Diameter 0,5 – 3 mm
- Footprint 11.75”x8”x8” (29,8x20,3x20,3 cm)
- Weight 12 lbs (5,45 kg9
- Stereo Microscope magnification 5x- 10 x (upgraded arm)
Orion 200i2
The Orion 200i2 is packed with new features that will simplify the welding needs of any jeweler, goldsmith, or silversmith. Innovative new features include – the new Pico weld mode for intricate welds as small as 0.01 Joules of energy (for a 0.2mm weld spot), to achieve truly microscopic weld joints; a large 10” touch screen interface with one-touch access to all welding parameters; the ultimate space saving design; 3 unique pulse shape wave form options to choose from; and the all new Seam mode—a revolutionary breakthrough in micro pulse arc welding. Seam mode allows users to mimic laser welding with weld speeds up to 30 welds/sec. Keeping in the Orion tradition of excellent customer service, training, and support we have added on-screen resources, which include video tutorials and a detailed product user manual. The patent pending Orion 200i2 gives you the precision and speed of a laser with the versatility, power, and ease of a pulse arc welder.

- 5x-10x Microscope
- 10” touch screen display
- High frequency agitation
- Updateable software via USB port
- Advanced waveform shaping options
- Seam mode – weld up to 30 welds/second
- Pulse Waveforms – Classic, Triangle, Square
- Pico mode for extremely small and precise welds
- Pulse arc and tack welding technology in one machine
- Adaptive Weld Ignition™ – for extended electrode tip life
- Weld energy selection – Set energy by dial, or by keypad. Adjustable from 0.01 – 200 Joules
- Internal weld monitoring to provide weld consistency and automatically optimize weld parameters
Orion welder
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