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Jewelers Workbenches

Our quality workbenches can satisfy any jewelrs’s requirement, high quality
Availiable various Models Julia, Ely,
Esca, Katia Sophie
Setters Workbenches

Our performing and beautiful
Setters’ Benches can satisfy
any requirement, fully customizable

Watchmakers Benches

Fully customizable, beautiful finishing:
our Watchmakers’ benches can satisfy 
all requirement, tailormade

Machines and equipment for precious machining

Laser welding-marking and markers

Miniature benches

A nice and unique gift idea to beautify your shop or workshop
Ring measuring instruments

  • Microfusion machines and products
  • Work desk equipment
  • Galvanic
  • Tools for finishing and polishing
  • Enamelling
  • Centralized suction systems
  • Measuring instruments, reagents   for titles, various equipment
  • Laminating, Drawing, Cutting   Slicing
M.P.F. di Motta Pierfranca | Via A. Catalani, 41 | 20851 Lissone (MB) | Italy
Tel. +39 039 2452595 | Fax +39 039 2143482 | email: mpfitalia@mpfitalia.com | Part. IVA 03419000967
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